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John Warfel
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Ohio, 44256
United States
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"I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support and assistance this past year in implementing priorities, goals and strategies that have helped my business grow."

"Your assistance and feedback on our recent P&C acquisition was of tremendous value."

"John, your weekly meetings have kept me on track in prioritzing what needs to be accomplished and in keeping my goals in front of me.  The calendar of a full 12-months of goals that you prepared is instrumental on making sure that we stay on track and that nothing falls through the cracks."

"I am extremely pleased with the professional success this year has brought and I owe a great deal to your expertise and guidance."

~Hoyt C Murray, CLU, ChFC-HC Murray Corporation

"Thanks for the coaching services that you provided to our firm.  The coaching was excellent; it was more than we even expected.  We have instituted many of the changes that you recommended."

~Kenneth J Luke, CPA-Neitzel, Luke and Associates, Inc.

"More than anything else, working with John has created an opportunity to look at my business with fresh pair of eyes from a different perspective.  John has attended by-monthly Kleinhenz Jewelers Board of Director Meeting and been helpful in sharing his ideas on all aspects of the business, from Operations to Succession Planning."

"At the fiscal year end January 31, 2012 we experienced a 22% growth in Sales.  As of July 31, 2012 we continue to show Sales Growth of approximately 30%."

~Gary A Kleinhenz, President-Kleinhenz Jewelers

"Our involvement with John Warfel and ActionCOACH has helped our business to establish sound business goals and has helped to inspire our management to inspire our associates."

"We have worked with John in analizing our fundamental key performance indicators and installed a better way to measure these KPI’s monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  We also worked to define our strengths and identify our weaknesses in an effort to improve both areas of our business."

"I would definitely encourage others to employ John Warfel and ActionCOACH to help improve your business."

~Michael Kane, President-SUP-R-DIE, Inc.

"From the beginning, I connected with John due as much to his strong values as to his success in growing businesses.  John quickly became a mentor for me and always has gone out of his way to be a resource for me, guiding me through his experiences on my journey in business."

"John’s progression into business coaching was a natural fit for him."

"I cannot speak enough about the wealth of knowledge that John possesses his ability to make an impact with our business, and the friendship that I have enjoyed with him.  John’s active role as my coach brings a new dimension to my business and my team.  John provides a sounding board for me while at the same time applying proven methods for managing the business.  He has developed close relationships with members of my leadership team and impacted their growth as well."

~Chris Carmon, President-CGI

"When I met John and found out about his expertise, I believed he was a coach that could help me.  He was very knowledgeable about the inner workings of a successful business.  I was impressed that he was honest, ethical, trustworthy, caring, and related to me in my "own language"- not his."

"I went from working sixteen hours a day to remote management in eight months!  My employees became more effective and efficient.  I am now the head of a prosperous company."

"This would have been impossible without John.  I will continue to use him and highly recommend him to other business owners."

~Chalmers (Chuck) H Glover, President-Lake Management, Inc.

"We have started measuring sales in a much different way as well as evaluating customers in all types of ways to improve how we handle them." 

"You have been helpful in the pending acquisition we are in processing and your help will be integral to a successful acquisition and integration of the target company.  As much as we have accomplished, I am equally excited to evaluate and implement all the personnel, sales and performance measurements and modifications.  I can clearly see the sales growth and cost savings we are developing together."

~Andy Decker, Decker Forklifts






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